Vaughan’s Pub has recently joined The Burren Ecotourism Network – we are fortunate to have Orla Vaughan heading our new environmental team.  Orla is a founding member of the network being invoiced in its inception back in 2008 under the then Burren Connect project.

Working Together

We collaborate with all stakeholders to collectively develop the Geopark as a sustainable tourism destination.  Vaughan’s Pub is a member of The Burren Ecotourism Network which is a group of business in the Burren that work together to promote sustainability for our area


A cared-for landscape

We actively participate in conserving our natural and cultural heritage.  Vaughan’s Pub is involved with other business in the village with Adopt a hedgerow as well as participating in annual village clean-ups.


A well-understood heritage

We offer quality information and interpretation to communicate our stories and the unique character of our place to guests.   We are fortunate to have The Burren Centre in the Village which give interpretation of the unique Burren Landscape.


Vibrant Communities

We work to ensure that tourism makes a positive social contribution so that it benefits our community as well as our guests.


Strengthened Livelihoods

We contribute to the local economy by maintaining and supporting local employment, by sourcing services and produce locally wherever possible, and by engaging with other businesses in promoting our region as a sustainable tourism destination.


Sustainable tourism management

Having recently completed The Code of Practice through The Burren & Cliffs of Moher Geopark we are now working to an Environmental Action Plan, which includes actions and targets for monitoring and improving adequately management of our wastewater, general waste, recycling & energy consumption.